About The More Love Club

At The More Love Club, we are dedicated to seeing the Miraculous in our everyday lives. Living beyond the culturally accepted pain that we call existence. We invite you to come find the Love, the energy that creates the Magic, which is your Life, waiting like an ember. Here we fan it into flame and urge you to let it take hold of your heart, your Dreams and all that you’ve ever wanted to create or be. Discover the Charm that leads you to the Next Right Thing and the Next Right Thing, the Love that continues to support and surround you as you move through your Life’s events. See, Live, Breath the Miraculous. Be a Warrior of Love and Miracle. Learn the principles of ‘The Practice’ of going beyond the fear of, the lie of the mind. Join us as we discover the Truths and myths of our existence.

At the MLC we come together weekly in a Safe Environment, holding Sacred Space as we tell our most Important Truths. Because it is in the Unburdening, the Lifting Up that we achieve Enlightenment, in Speaking the Unspoken, making that which can’t be spoken that which must be said, again and again, in order that we are Birthing New Life, looking at the Belief Systems, the Mind Thoughts, Triggers that are Downloading the Chemistry that is informing the Experience that we call Life, we are learning, by using the Tools how to Manifest a Life beyond our mind, beyond our Wildest Dreams. We are giving people the Courage and Wisdom to Walk with Purpose, to lead Integral Lives filled with Joy and Satisfaction.

Join me at MLC Tuesdays: Secrets of the Universe 6:30-8:30pm, MLC Thursdays: The Womens Group 6:30-8:30pm and MLC Sundays: Radical Sound Healing and Guided Meditation 10am, at my home or find me on FACEBOOK at THE MORE LOVE CLUB or email me at Adrienne.Anne.Alexander@gmail.com.

Come jump start your life, feel heard and be loved!

To learn about The More Love Club, classes, events, privates, buy the book and sign up for the blog go to:  www.themoreloveclub.com



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