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Claudia Goodman Photography

Claudia Goodman Photography

Adrienne Alexander is a Transformational Teacher with a Masters in Psychology, who uses the best of psychological and spiritual principles.  Co-Founder of The More Love Club, she has developed The 6 Fundamental Components of Human Behavior and The Tools For Life. Her hybrid methodology uses traditional and non-traditional modalities, inspiring transformative life experience.  Weekly classes include Life Training, Meditation and Acting Training.  For privates, classes, meditation, sound healing, life and acting training, email adrienne.anne.alexander@gmail.com, or call 818-989-2220  Clients are reminded of the 24hour cancellation policy.  For more info, to buy the book The More Love Club, t-shirts etc and sign up for the blog go to www.themoreloveclub.com. Live on Voyage LA!  http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-adrienne-alexander-love-club-valley-glen-ca/

Co-founder of the More Love Club Support Group · Van Nuys, California

Don’t go another day without the tools.  Learn to live in the Opportunity, the Possibility, the MIRACLE that is your life.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in attending classes, or to schedule a private with Adrienne please contact her at: adrienne.anne.alexander@gmail.com

To learn about The More Love Club, classes, events, privates, buy the book and sign up for the blog, go to http://www.themoreloveclub.com


7 thoughts on “About Adrienne

    1. Adrienne Alexander Post author

      Wow! I am so honored and surprised that you would do this. How very thoughtful of you. I am so very grateful. Thank you so much. What a beautiful gift you have given me. I so appreciate your taking the time to read my blog and being so very kind. Much love to you. Always. All ways.

    1. Adrienne Alexander Post author

      Thank you for the beautiful tea party and the gorgeous china. I really appreciate the attention to detail and I thank you so much for including me. Always, All Ways, More Love!


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