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Examine the Truth


If I am to transcend this now, I must investigate, understand, and know this now to the fullest extent of my being. Transcendence is not ignorance, unawareness, or denial of this present awareness. It is the use of this present level of now as foundational, that in fully accepting it, I might rise to the next level of deeper investigation and understanding. True transcendence is the ability to lift oneself and others from ignorance and unawareness by perceiving historically what has been, and moving together toward what can be. Firmly rooted in what is presently now, we rise to the level of what can be, made manifest by our willingness to unflinchingly examine the truth.

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Build a Better Motherboard



The mind, a mass of synapses, connective tissue, transferring, translating, bundling messages through information circuitry, like units of energy, that parallel, cross, undercut, overarc become a highway of intricacy.  Supposed intelligence.  Primal, really.  The reptilian brain, like that of our ancestors, similar thoughts, grouping together for warmth, survival.  When you examine the system, inside the circuit tray you find bytes, like ‘I never do it right,’ ‘It has to be perfect,’ ‘No one sees me,’ ‘I’ll never be any good,’ or ‘My life is so hard,’ and you decide that particular thought form no longer serves.  If you pull it out, the entire structure predicated on that program is compromised.  The system goes into alert and you find yourself reeling.  Perfect.  Full Out Panic.  F.E.A.R. (Fuck Everything And Run, actually, False Evidence Appearing Real), the relay system, redefining itself, finding new connections, rewiring, sounds the alarm; red lights and blare…

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The Nose of a True Warrior


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Baby elephants are like people, they flap their ears when they are afraid, hoping their enemy will see them as a formidable challenge, and flee. But we, like animals have instinct, and given the primal urge to survive, protect territory, must observe, get to know our prey’s habits, noting that the ears flapping is not a strength but weakness, revealed. The baby elephant doesn’t flap it’s ears because it is large, it flaps because it is afraid it is small. The smell of fear in the air, in the nose of a true warrior, means there is no challenge, except F.E.A.R., (false evidence appearing real). So when your friends, loved ones, important others are flapping, know in the primal, emotional, physical and metaphysical world, you have encountered one who is vulnerable, one who is afraid and because you are a metaphysical warrior, proceed with…

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The Virus of Belief

You know it as the virus, digging into the cell wall of your being with spikes. And just like those that appear on the corona, the virus of belief also pokes holes in our interior wall of being and initiates control. The intention to invade the cell, and replicate, ensures a hostile takeover of belief. Invading the cell that is you, with a mind thought, that triggers a download of feeling, that urges behavior, supported by a system of beliefs, the virus of the mind takes over. It takes over the entire organism that is you, your life, your hopes, your dreams, your entire life experience, by invading, initiating control, and replicating. As it does so, normal cell function breaks down. Busy attending to the damage incurred, your system becomes hostile. Each cell fends off potential threat by issuing reactivity to shame, guilt, and self-loathing in you and in others. Just like a real virus, the virus of the mind is in the air we breathe. Expressed in an exhalation of thought, the inflection of a news article, a media meme, or an angry confrontation, the virus of belief is extreme and contagious. The greater the viral load the greater the infection, making it impossible to examine.  For as the virus of the mind invades, the desire for the belief to be true overwhelms. Yet as we are overwhelmed, we must examine our beliefs. We must examine the power they have over our lives, because beliefs can be irrelevant. Beliefs can be untrue. And most importantly, some beliefs can put you in harms way.

So, now, when the virus is infecting those most powerful, look for its markers. Watch for the waning vibrancy of your dreams, and the despotic urgency of blame shifting, smoke-screening, shaming, gas lighting and the use of ad hominem attacks. Now when you use, or experience blame shifting, smoke-screening, shaming, gas lighting, or ad hominem attacks, know you are in the presence of the virus of the mind. Know that these are the invasive tools of the virus of belief, evident in the most powerful and the less privileged, too. These are the tools the virus of belief uses to cause the system to attack itself and others. Beginning with just one belief unexamined, one blame shift, smoke screen, shaming, gas lighting, or ad hominem attack issued, just one corona spike of unexamined belief can dig in, invade, initiate control, and replicate until your system begins to attack itself and you surrender.  That is when you know you need vital support. That is when you know you need tools for life. Don’t succumb to the virus of the mind. Don’t let the virus of belief blind you to the truth, or put you in harm’s way. Remember the desire for the belief to be true, obscures imperfection.  So be vigilant. Be kind. Examine your beliefs. Be courageous. Be honest. Most of all, be loving to yourself and others. The life you save may be your own.

The Lens of Disbelief


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If a belief is to be resilient, it will need adaptability, which develops through the lens of disbelief.  The potential ‘Ah Ha’ moment.  A working system, (one that works for you), must have the ability to disprove, approve and improve itself, which happens in the disbelieving of itself.  By disbelieving (standing in the unknown, between this belief and no belief) the old belief is examined, disproved, improved (becoming new belief), approved and given birth, that your running systems, (beliefs: be lives), are not running you, but you are running them.  A working (something that works for you) belief system, (be life system) must include the willingness to disbelieve, be the ‘Ah Ha’ moment, the willingness to change, be relevant, do whatever it takes to survive.  That your belief may be that much deeper, you must risk no belief, thereby gaining renewed belief…

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are back on Zoom

Especially now we need a place where we can be courageously honest and loving with ourselves and each other.  That is why we are continuing to offer you a non-judgmental environment and unconditional positive regard that we might heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies during this challenging time.

Starting Tuesday May 12th
5:30pm Meditation

(Before joining meditation, please mute your phone, so those already meditating are not disturbed.  Thank you!)
6-8pm Life Class
To join this Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 865 4341 8132
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All are welcome

 In honor of all the challenges we face, classes are donation only. The greatest donation you make is you.
Sending you heart, healing, and courage.

Adrienne Alexander is a Transformational Teacher with a Masters in Psychology, who uses the best of psychological and spiritual principles.  Co-Founder of The More Love Club, she has developed The 6 Fundamental Components of Human Behavior and The Tools For Life. Her hybrid methodology uses traditional and non-traditional modalities, inspiring transformative life experience.

For privates, classes, meditation, sound healing, life and acting training, email, or call 818-989-2220  Clients are reminded of the 24hour cancellation policy.  For more info, to buy the book The More Love Club, t-shirts etc and sign up for the blog go to Live on Voyage LA!

At the end of every meeting we read these closing words:

At the More Love Club Transformation Tuesdays we are dedicated to seeing the miraculous in our everyday lives.  Living beyond the culturally accepted pain that we call existence.  We invite you to come find the love, the energy that creates the magic, which is your life, waiting like an ember.  Here we fan it into flame and urge you to let it take hold of your heart, your dreams and all that you’ve ever wanted to create or be.  Discover the charm that leads you to the next right thing and the next right thing, the love that supports and surrounds you as you move through  your life’s events.  See, live, breath the miraculous.  Be a warrior of love and miracle.  Learn the principles of the practice of going beyond the fear of, the lie of the mind.  Join us as we discover the truths and myths of our existence.

Thank you all for participating and sharing your hearts tonight.  Class fee is a suggested donation of $20.  Please remember that a donation can be monetary, it can be your commitment to this community, and it can be the gift of your presence.  Please consider giving away what you have received here, by being of service, recommending Adrienne and Russ and the More Love Club to others on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and in person holding space for other in your daily lives.

Namaste.  In Love and Respect, Co-founders Adrienne Alexander and Russel Foreman