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Go Wider Than


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When you are in the dark, lights out, searching for the door, instinctively, you go wider than, reach for the knob, sense it, feel the surface, then activate, turn it and open.  Still inching along with your fingers your pupils dilate and listening expands, as you move to the light switch.  Before the fluorescents flicker, before the darkness lifts, you’re in it.  The now.  Sensate.  Aware.  Totally expanded.  No need for ceremony, just stumbling in the dark and you’ve attached to being, dropped into the zone, you’re here.  There.  Nowhere and everywhere, where its everything or nothing.  Anything is possible.  What if your life was about stumbling, being in the dark, going wider than, reaching, feeling, extending yourself beyond the known to activate?  What if you embraced the dark, excited, eyes wide open, moving through the unknown?

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photo credit: Photosightfaces via photopin ccIn allowing your heart to imagine, your being to indulge in dream, you are giving the gift of creation, that which yearns to be born into this world to yourself and other. And because it satisfies, because your spirit is aloft, propelled on the wings of imagining (I Magi bringing the gift of self to self), we too, ascend, free-floating in this present fantasy, the desire to sire, this dream, which you are dreaming, imagining, as your life. Is your life. You are daring, risking your most maximum self, birthing vibration, and we are caught in the resonance of the purity of spirit, imagining (I Magi, bringing the gift) again and again as you set us dreaming. Imagine!

Be The Super Hero


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In this process, the process we call life, the single most powerful tool you will need, comes naturally from being and does not need to be learned.  Cultural (cult you are all) rule will ensure that you not only forget, but fear that which is organically yours so that you will need to re-engage your greatest most organically potent ability.  The Super Power, given to you at birth, by birth and through the issuance of spirit, is love.  Love is the ultimate power.  Use it liberally, freely.  Love.  Yes, love.  Because the more you give, the more you have.  Be the Super Hero you were born to be.  Love.

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This Moment


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Tilt your face up to the sky.  Inside the pink clouds and sweet warmth of yellow sun, stop, really see it, drop into that space, Your Heart, and from there, breathe.  You don’t need to know, be, do, or have anything but this present awareness.  Here, now, this moment, this feeling, is everything.  All of life.  All of you.  Tilt your face up to the sky.

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Expressly Given

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What if you were thankful for all of it? The supposedly good and the supposedly bad? What if every experience, every person, cell, atom, minute you spent beyond mind and the sum of it’s parts was situated in is-ness, not outcome or expectation?  What if you believed that everything, everything that happens, is imperative for your personal growth, that nothing is wasted, nothing is done to you, but it is always, all ways, done for you? And what if you were truly humbled by every instant that is the experiential that you call your life? What if you chose gratefulness, no matter what? What would you see? What would you feel?  Can you imagine (I Magi, bringing the gift of self to self) your life as a gift?  One that is brought to you and expressly given from the universe, totality, in order that you might evolve beyond your present circumstance to reveal the immaculate being that is you?

Your Divine Human-ness


You are here to save the world. Not kidding. Thats the mission. Thats the light you are. When you commit to being you, the 100% light which is the vibration, energy, resonance, frequency, sheer delight, awareness, joyfulness, bliss and total freedom (free from being dumb, dumb being asleep to the magnificence that is you) chalices will overflow, heavens will open, mountains will majesty and all of creation will bow. Because you, that which is your divine human-ness, is here to save the world. Ready? Lets roll!

The Ember That Is You


Thick, like pea soup, the energy, laden, the stakes, high, life or death, always, all ways. You risk your life, jump into the abyss, no light at the end of this tunnel, the only way around is through, so you go, blind into the dark night and disallowing hope, because hope is for fools, you press up against it, lean into the fear, raw, like an open wound and see if you can see yourself, the ember that is you, the courage, resilience and knowing of the triumphant being, transcendent, victorious warrior of light and love that is you! Its you. You’re awake!