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A New Age of Awareness


Atop Route de Cretes between La Ciotat and Cassis, France Atop Route de Cretes between La Ciotat and Cassis, France

There’s a shift coming.  Can you feel it?  Its big, massive, the kind that extends beyond speaking, floating through rivers, air, visceral, ontological download, imperceptible, like breathing.  We’re all in it.  Waking up, so painful, breathtaking, like heartbreak.  And in that opening to the now, the experiential of joy, the possibility of bliss that is our birthright that comes from identifying the worst and insisting on the best, even when you’ve hit rock bottom, there is a new age of awareness, respect and humility, happening, one person at a time, becoming global.  Because we’ve tried everything else.  And love is the only thing that changes everything.  Everything.

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As Big As The World

It has spoken to you, it has called you by name, you have heard it inside and yet you wait. It has written the words, offered itself, given it sound to let you hear and yet you halt. Hold on, hold back, stand still, or move the world. Hear it, remember, shout out loud and make me proud. You are all that there is, we are all that have come, we can change the rules and create with love. Dont blink, dont think, dont waste another drop. Drink full and long, sense every single thing, and expand your heart, as big as the world, as big as the world.

The Great Hall of Lords

photo credit: Prabhu B Doss via photopin cc

Because you are here, (which is your purpose), and because you are able, we the unaware, burdened, asleep, humbly ask and due to our blindness, urgently demand, that you push against the edges of the realm and move this darkness, this dank gray fog. Send out the essence of your being, the light, the enormity of your nobility, your divinity creating space and the opening of our universe. Bring hope, joy, some metaphysical revelation. Remember the connectedness, the humanness of touch, cosmic consciousness and the reality of souls mating, realizing the magnificent bond of spirit to spirit, like hands across the water, forever vast and healing, that we may remember, too. You, who are channelers of virtue, who are healers, seers, teachers, ancients, mediums of shadow and sun, speaking life into existence, rise. You. Yes, you. You are human net, not only transcending, transmuting and transforming yourselves, but those around you and further, past the veil, into the great hall of lords, journeying with your sabers of love and light, siring new life, manifesting, being that which you are, causation. Stand that we may stand. Rise up. Love.

A Work of Art

We are each of us, perfect beings, exemplary in our individual-ness, discrete, finite and infinitely original, not one of us replicated, comparable to none.  Beware the comparison.  In seeing anything as similar, less than, greater, you diminish that which is.  Creating the mental equivalent, disallowing you to experience what is.  Which is you.  Allow yourself that, in each moment, the knowing that you are incomparable, Da Vinci, Raphael, Matisse, Michelangelo, Rueben, PIcasso, a work of art.

Be Sense Able


photo credit: inkknife_2000 (1.5 million views) via photopin cc photo credit: inkknife_2000 (1.5 million views) via photopincc

After the experience, which has been given by the Universe as it is meant to be received, the mind will want to define and make ‘Sense’ of it. The mind will tell you that due to its intellectual ability (which is often fear masquerading as reason), that mind needs to have understanding. But the experiential, just as it has been delivered to you, is the Sense of it. This present moment of falling from your known self into the unknown self, as you are committing to the thrill, the risk of going beyond the mind, has and will employ all the Senses, just as it is meant to be communicated. In wanting to keep the experience integral it becomes important to observe the search engine, (the mind) which seeks to define your life experience, your life, your you. Life, real life…

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Forgiveness (of Self)


What if you forgave yourself?  What if you forgave yourself for whatever you think it is that you did, didn’t do, was done to you that you couldn’t prevent, didn’t think, say, didn’t know?  What if you let yourself/them, off the hook for the mistakes you supposedly made, they supposedly made and called those things ‘lesson’?  What if everything in your life was done for you, not to you?  What if there was nothing to forgive, but everything to ‘for give’?  What if life was for giving to you?  What if forgiving and forgetting was for giving and for getting for you, for your benefit?  What if you forgave yourself?  Forgave them?  How would you feel?  Who would you be?  What would that look like?  What if?

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We’re All Jack


I’ve got the magic beans. The trick is to find the right soil, fertilize, plant in season, ensure lots of water, sunshine and voila; a beanstalk, reaching to the heavens, to the castle; the possibility, the opportunity of life, rich, full, abundant, no pesky giant. The truth is we’re all Jack. We can all slay the giant, (fear of the mind, lie of the mind). We’ve all got the beans!

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Inside Your Heart


Fear narrows focus. You see minute detail straight ahead. Yet with blinders on, the whole world in periphery, disappears.  A whole world, gone.  Narrowing your vision, the world on the sidelines, and you are blind to it. In order to see, be, more, you have to breathe. Relax your shoulders, opinions, judgments of self and other and widen your focus, the acceptance of what is. That’s expansion.  Periphery.  That view.  In the sidelines, it’s all there.  Inhale.  Hold it.  Exhale and release.  In love, truth, the knowing that all is well, open your eyes, from inside your heart, you see more, and you be more.

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Exposing the Boogie Man


photo credit: rachel a. k. via photopin cc photo credit: rachel a. k. via photopincc

At each level of the process, the process we call life, that many are now calling enlightenment, there are issues, unresolved, consuming energy, light, (like boogie men under the bed), not only that they survive, but including the energy it takes for you to suppress them. So at each stage of the ascent that you are ultimately making toward this enlightenment, if you want expanded view as well as increased altitude, (and the larger the field of vision, the greater opportunity for light: enlightenment) you’ll need to discover and uncover the unrealized lie of the mind (ie: pretending there is no boogie man when he just stole your energy bar) in order that you have the attention units to focus on the climb. In the safety net provided by an experienced listener, one who sees and holds dear the fierce and total…

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Lets Begin


photo credit: jaci XIII Emergence via photopin (license) photo credit: jaci XIII Emergence via photopin(license)

There is a consciousness over there and a very different one over here. A divide. Maybe those of us who want unity and elegance and integrity and bounty and compassion and respect for all of mankind in all its permutations, maybe this is the time, especially the time, that we resolve to be that. Be unity. Be elegance. Be integrity, bounty and compassion. Be respect. We are meant to grow. We are meant to rise to our most mattered selves and accept that what is happening is happening to good purpose. The purpose is to grow ourselves, our understanding and ability to cross this divide, to better understand each other. To really listen. To connect instead of judge. I choose to begin. I choose to understand. I choose to love this country and commit from the whole of my being to promote…

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photo credit: tamara.craiu via photopin ccWe are sacrificing our Humanity to preserve our supposed Way of Life, which is not a Way of Life, but that which stands in the way of Life. By denying ourselves and others the right to their Human-ness, (vulnerability, sensitivity, fallibility, heart), we are denying Life itself. Don’t go another day without speaking your Heart. Rise in honor of those fallen, who have dared to speak, and take your rightful place in the world of True Humanity. Stand. Align yourself with Human-Kind (Kindness which evidences Humanity). Be brave, compassionate. Bare your Soul to others and hold space for all in your experience to do the same. Drop into your Heart. Breath. Listen. Love your Human-ness and the Human-ness of those around you. Activate Human-Kind-ness.

Join the Ocean

photo credit: -Reji via photopin cc

We are made of matter and matter is energy. This energy that we are, does not die and is greater than the sum of our parts, our parts not being solid but molecule upon molecule of matter that is fluid and constantly changing. Nothing is static. Nothing is finite. There is no certainty except to join the billions and billions of other molecules in the great primordial soup that is us, the universe, becoming the combined energy of the Cosmos, to cognize being, achieve ‘beingness’; answer destiny, join the ocean, as wave or as ocean, allowing the unified field to exist inside and out, allowing the magic of this world beyond the physical, beyond the flesh to come into existence. There is a world beyond.

Be Brave


If you are speaking something new into existence, those around you, unless they have the desire, the urge, or are organically able to go beyond the mind, will not hear. It is difficult if not impossible to understand (stand under) that which is not yet present. And yet you must, knowing that this work is important, still it is not for everyone. But if it is your intention, you must speak, regarding less, that others seem misinformed, disinterested or even angry. We who are used to knowing, depending on what is known are not aware we are not alive. So when you are coming with notions beyond our intelligence, speaking of things beyond our imaginings, expect us to feel. And be brave, my Metaphysical Warriors. For all Mankind is counting on you. Shields up. Hearts Open.

The MLC Rap


photo credit: Natesh Ramasamy via photopin cc photo credit: Natesh Ramasamy via photopincc

Vibrate, resonate, reverberate, hum. Orchestrate, tintillate, germinate, some. Enervate, celebrate, echo, thump drum. Oscillate, concentrate, dilate, Ohm. Levitate, elevate, deviate from. Heart start dedicating, beating to the sound. Drop into the world of the rhythm of your heart.  Drop into the world of the rhythm of your heart.  Drop into the world of the rhythm of your heart.  Drop into the world of the rhythm of your heart.  Live, breathe, smile, spin around. Deliberate, sensate, emanate love!!!!!!  Grin. (Now do it again.)

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photo credit: Navicore via photopin cc photo credit: Navicore via photopincc

If you are jumping from the box, (the box which is the representation of your life inside the cardboard walls of opinion, judgment, rules and laws), to a bigger box, (expansion and greater awareness, new writing on the walls), it will take time to build the muscular structure for the jump. In other words, if you are doing your life, you will be jumping and you will be falling. And I say to you, in order that you continue to jump, despite the fall, that because you are jumping and because you are falling, you are in fact evolving. In the jump, including the fall, especially the fall, because you fall, you cannot, not be falling forward. Bravo!

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Pivotal Moment


photo credit: sea turtle via photopincc

When you read a book, watch a movie, you look carefully, follow the clues, focusing on each person, because each character reveals information, advances plot and compels the hero/heroine to transcend.  What if you saw your own life that way?  What if every person in your story was put there, by some higher power, the universe’s own personal scriptwriter, to show you, teach you, point you toward that moment, that wholly expanded instant, when your culture (cult you are all) dissolves into the power of your essence, your heart, your intuition becoming spirit (spirit you are all), spiritual?  What if you gave your life’s attention to your most mattered self and those around you, watching, knowing that each person, each moment, is divinely created for you?  What if you are the hero/heroine being led purposefully. every moment, every instant, through the magical plot…

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Growing Roses


photo credit: _Zahira_ via photopin cc photo credit: _Zahira_ via photopincc

If you are watering the weeds and wondering why the roses are dying, picking through the garbage when you know its trash, then the lesson that you are getting, aware or not, is that what you put your attention on grows, expands, becoming life-sized. So, if you put your attention on the self, watch you, become the observer observing the observation, no opinion, no judgment or lies, but deeper, truly seeing what you water, so like the Alice in Wonderland of Roses, growing ten feet tall, you get the teaching, the lesson (less on it), you’ll stop watering the weeds and put everything you’ve got on love, your life, the people in it and the miracles that bloom, inside and out, allowing you to grow like the roses all around you, wherever you go.

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A Path With Heart


We’re here and then we’re not.  There is nowhere to go.  No place to get to.  No destination that isn’t already known.  The body suit has an expiration date.  They all do.  And before us are choices.  When you understand, stand under, the knowledge, the ledge of knowing, you see it.  Time is short, life precious, every moment the possibility for awakening.  Wake up.  Choose a path with heart.

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Be Still


photo credit: Morning Spot via photopin (license) photo credit: Morning Spot via photopin(license)

Because I am God, and so are you, I have something to tell you, bequeath to you, and because you are God and so am I, you already know that what I am telling you is the sacred truth. You are God. You are Love. You are the universe and every experience, conscious and unconscious, seen, unseen, perfect ray of magnificent expression of self, God, me, you, there is. Be still and know that you are, I am, we are, God.

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photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc photo credit: kevin dooley via photopincc

The question is the answer.  When mind asks a question it will always find evidence for what it is seeking.  So to change that which you are finding, to find something new, you will need to be asking for something new.  You will want to be watching, noticing, what you are asking.  If you are asking if there is another way, a different solution, a new thought, a new means to envision what you are experiencing, creating, striving to accomplish, then your mind, (search engine), will be looking beyond itself to bring back the evidence you seek.  When you ask the question from the future you, ‘Is there another way?’ you are expanding the question, (the path you choose) and therefore the answer (the world you create).  Change the question, change the world.

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How You Win


photo credit: swanksalot via photopin ccThis is it. Your life. Everything depends on it. Everything. The way you play, play by the rules. Or not. The choices you make, don’t make, make again. You can pass go, get out of jail free, anything you want, but you play this game as if your life depends on it. It does. It depends on how you play. Because if you are wanting to get the most out of it, you’ll be needing to put the most into it. So play, play with every fibre of your being, with indelible grace and unparalleled intention, deep passion, humor, and as many mistakes as possible. And love. Especially love. That’s how you win, you see. Love.

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The Miracle of You


photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopincc

Ordinary miracles; dew on the grass, sun, tide, wheat stalks swaying, frogs near a stream, a thicket filled with fireflies, coyotes howling at the moon, a fat crow eyeing me from the telephone wire, small seedlings, nesting in a cup, everything it needs inside the hull. Your seed is already planted, inside, evident in the everyday miracle of you.

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photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopincc

What if you asked, not what you are looking for, but what is doing the looking? What if you looked at the filter, Who Am I, persona, that which we identify as self? What if instead of looking for something, someone, out there, you sought for that which is within? And in seeing, believing (be living), you understand (stand under) the knowledge (ledge of knowing from which you are about to jump) and surrender, truly surrender into looking at not only what you are looking at, but who, or what is doing the looking?

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The Door


photo credit: Vincent_AF via photopin cc photo credit: Vincent_AF via photopincc

As you find yourself facing the door, humbled by tremendous feeling, we’ll call the door ‘gratitude’, and the room ‘contentment’, ‘sense of purpose’, ‘self-worth’, ‘honor’, ‘respect’, ‘integrity’, whatever leads you to a deep feeling of beingness, the only key, and this is important to note, the only key to unlock the door is Willingness. Willingness is the key that unlocks all the doors. All of them.

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photo credit: fiddleoak via photopin cc photo credit: fiddleoak via photopincc

Inside the wind is a stillness, like inside the breath, the moment after the exhale, before the inhale, there is no air, no breath, the body is not, the soul is not, only cessation, before being, pre-birth when spirit begins anew and life is reborn.  In that space, between no thing and all thing, being and not, is totality.  Is love.

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Pop The Qwiff of You


You are quantum.  The wave.  Going out.  The function of motion.  And in that offering, causing ripples, circles, like pebbles landing in a pond, creating patterns radiating toward the edge, and when they hit, return, resound, re-sounding, re-waving, ‘hello,’ the signal, now an echo of the original wave, the original self, having traveled through time, literally, (from the pebble to the pond’s edge and back), the wave, which is you, waiting to pop itself, pop the qwiff (quantum wave function) of you, into future self, having traveled from here now to there and back, sends its message, from there to the you beyond.  The wave of possibility, the opportunity that already exists, having peered into the future, returns and waits for the echo, the energy to ripple back an answer.  And when you still your mind, open your heart, and listen, you can hear the question, you can hear…

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Dream From Deep Within


photo credit: spacepleb via photopin cc photo credit: spacepleb via photopincc

Sarcasm, the cutting of flesh, like violence, like war, is a cruel master, cutting both ways. Be vigilant, Warriors of Love and Miracle.  Keep yourself pure, strong, with the power of Love.  Be kind, respectful, hold your Sensitivity like the Medal of Honor, that it is.  Life is precious.  As is everything around you.  Take heart.  Take care.  Allow yourself and others to dream this dream from deep within, where all life flows.

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Send Rainbows


photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photopin cc photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photopincc

If you’re really playing the game, Mind will hide Mind Thought by dumping the chemistry of feeling, around the back, soundlessly, noiselessly issuing Mind Thought, so that the fog rolls in. And even though Mind Thought is silent, you feel yourself sinking. All around you the humor (sarcasm: the ripping of flesh) feels like pain. You’re sensitive. You are. Very sensitive. That’s a good thing. Feel the energy of that. The possibility of being raw, open, available to the sensate and the sweetness, pure vibration, so-good-you-get-high-feeling when you commit to it, beyond Mind, beyond opinion and judgment. Push deep inside, where it’s safe, vulnerable or not, squarely inside your heart, wrap yourself with the cloak of acceptance, protect against the cultural (cult you are all) and from there, right from there, Send Rainbows. Keep sending them, until you see them arc the…

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Spirit You Are All


photo credit: faith goble via photopin cc photo credit: faith goble via photopincc

When you ask, listen, truly lean in and hear other, hold the space, allow the telling of another’s experiential, give the gift of self, then you are being a Reliable Witness. Reliable can only happen within the realization (real eyes nation) of awareness that in the release of mind, ego, need for outcome (which presupposes manipulation; the ‘get him to’) you become able to remain still, quiet enough for Witness to observe and in that stillness, not only usher in the essence, the soul, the sweet spirit of other, but create charm, that such a meeting would endure (become Reliable) and create itself again and again. In perpetrating Reliable Witness with intent, you change, morph, from this cultural, (cult you are all) to the ultimate and indelible spiritual (spirit you are all).

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Soul to Soul


photo credit: Rakesh Rocky via photopin cc photo credit: Rakesh Rocky via photopincc

In death, as in love, souls meet, move, dance to the rhythm, the motion of the universe, holding in the persistent thrill of acknowledging the essence of spirit intertwined, through the tunnel, lifting the veil and seeing, recognizing each other, know the self back, soul to soul.  The moment past, as if the music stops, we blink, forget to remember who we are and ignorant of charm, relinquish light, yet in that moment, the ephemeral, evanescence of life, the possibility for our souls to see and hear other exists.  Always.  All ways.  What if today, you spoke it?  What if you awakened to the opportunity and said to those you love (and as you speak it, that becomes everyone), ‘I see you.  I hear you.  I love you.’?

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Your Divine Human-ness



You are here to save the world. Not kidding. Thats the mission. Thats the light you are. When you commit to being you, the 100% light which is the vibration, energy, resonance, frequency, sheer delight, awareness, joyfulness, bliss and total freedom (free from being dumb, dumb being asleep to the magnificence that is you) chalices will overflow, heavens will open, mountains will majesty and all of creation will bow. Because you, that which is your divine human-ness, is here to save the world. Ready? Lets roll!

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Loosen The Grip


photo credit: code poet via photopin cc photo credit: code poet via photopincc

This theory, concept, thought, idea, mind, ego, wall, barrier, cant do that, shouldnt, have no business, dont know, cant see, wish I was anywhere else, failure, less than, idiot, someone’s hand grasping, dead weight, holding on, pulling me under like a drowning man and I’m dead.  Shit.  That’s some planet, some gigantic intergalactic cantankerous collection of garbage, sucubous, like an ancient entity, devised to seek and destroy; the Undertoad.  Sucking the dead terrain out of me, bringing it alive.  One big cosmic asshole.  Let go.  Loosen the grip, one finger at a time and the Undertoad blinking dust from its mouth, mis-appears.  Just like that. One breath, one release.  Cria, awakening, grace, relief, holding space for ‘wonderful, wonderful, wonderful me’ naming something I like, naming and claiming again and again until the room, my heart, my eyes, realize (real eyes) joy.  That’s the…

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The Great Yonder


photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopincc

In death, as in life, there is no barrier, save what man creates.  For as in all things, there is the ultimate challenge, which holds the possibility, the opportunity for re-birth.  In all things, including and most importantly death, the seeds of life are always, all ways present.  Life is a never-ending cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction, leading again to creation.  Death and birth, since man marked time and before, have been holding hands.  It is only our blindness, our fear that prevents us seeing what lies beyond.  Death therefore, is the ultimate transcendence, allowing us in our humanness, eyes open, to see past the veil and witness proof that new adventure awaits in the great, great yonder, by and by.

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Expressly Given


photopin: seyed mostafa zamani

What if you were thankful for all of it? The supposedly good and the supposedly bad? What if every experience, every person, cell, atom, minute you spent beyond mind and the sum of it’s parts was situated in is-ness, not outcome or expectation?  What if you believed that everything, everything that happens, is imperative for your personal growth, that nothing is wasted, nothing is done to you, but it is always, all ways, done for you? And what if you were truly humbled by every instant that is the experiential that you call your life? What if you chose gratefulness, no matter what? What would you see? What would you feel?  Can you imagine (I Magi, bringing the gift of self to self) your life as a gift?  One that is brought to you and expressly given from the universe, totality, in order that you might…

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Embrace Yourself


You are what you are waiting for.  You are the miracle.  Each one of you.  An absolute, immaculate miracle.  Can you see the miracle that is you?  Be the miracle that is you?  Embrace yourself with the passion and delight of your exceptional being?  Will you do this for me, for you, for the world, bring the gift of self wherever you go?  Today, all day.  Miraculous. Miraculous.  Miraculous.  You.

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In the ‘I don’t know’


Beach at St. Raphael, Marseilles, France Plage Napolean, South of France

Sitting in ‘I don’t know’ observing from the nothingness, no-thing-ness of what we call ‘charm’ or ‘source’, as the brain fires and the synaptic impulse issues thought form, mind thought, responding to each wave of circuitry with ‘I don’t know’, eventually humbles the soul, stops the think, the thought, mind thought, mind fart, poo gas, from seeing itself as real, allowing you to realize (real eyes) from the space of the unknown, (which is true knowing), that holding space (not knowing), for self and other, is the ultimate humbleness and immaculate life form of the reliable witness. From there, and only from there, from the ‘I don’t know’ comes true knowing. In the absence of need, attachment to outcome, to knowing any-thing, is desire, the desire to sire, birth devastatingly pure knowing, because it is from the unknown, (beyond mind, beyond ego, and therefore source)…

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Fully Accept the Dark

photo credit: David Kingham via photopin ccTotality in its great wisdom is infinitely expanding. This is due to the black matter existing between the stars, planets and galaxies. Our very solar system, embraces the dark in order to expand. If we are life on this planet, aligned with the environment that surrounds us, it follows that we too, (regarding less our theories, ideas, opinions and judgments), must fully accept the dark, the shadow side in order to achieve greater light and expansion. For it is only in contrast to the deep, deep darkness, the black matter within our constellations, that the light might shine, continuing to reach ever further in it’s awareness and expansion of self.

The Ember That Is You



Thick, like pea soup, the energy, laden, the stakes, high, life or death, always, all ways. You risk your life, jump into the abyss, no light at the end of this tunnel, the only way around is through, so you go, blind into the dark night and disallowing hope, because hope is for fools, you press up against it, lean into the fear, raw, like an open wound and see if you can see yourself, the ember that is you, the courage, resilience and knowing of the triumphant being, transcendent, victorious warrior of light and love that is you! Its you. You’re awake!

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Examine the Truth


If I am to transcend this now, I must investigate, understand, and know this now to the fullest extent of my being. Transcendence is not ignorance, unawareness, or denial of this present awareness. It is the use of this present level of now as foundational, that in fully accepting it, I might rise to the next level of deeper investigation and understanding. True transcendence is the ability to lift oneself and others from ignorance and unawareness by perceiving historically what has been, and moving together toward what can be. Firmly rooted in what is presently now, we rise to the level of what can be, made manifest by our willingness to unflinchingly examine the truth.

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Build a Better Motherboard



The mind, a mass of synapses, connective tissue, transferring, translating, bundling messages through information circuitry, like units of energy, that parallel, cross, undercut, overarc become a highway of intricacy.  Supposed intelligence.  Primal, really.  The reptilian brain, like that of our ancestors, similar thoughts, grouping together for warmth, survival.  When you examine the system, inside the circuit tray you find bytes, like ‘I never do it right,’ ‘It has to be perfect,’ ‘No one sees me,’ ‘I’ll never be any good,’ or ‘My life is so hard,’ and you decide that particular thought form no longer serves.  If you pull it out, the entire structure predicated on that program is compromised.  The system goes into alert and you find yourself reeling.  Perfect.  Full Out Panic.  F.E.A.R. (Fuck Everything And Run, actually, False Evidence Appearing Real), the relay system, redefining itself, finding new connections, rewiring, sounds the alarm; red lights and blare…

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The Nose of a True Warrior


photo credit: Photomatt28 via photopin cc photo credit: Photomatt28 via photopincc

Baby elephants are like people, they flap their ears when they are afraid, hoping their enemy will see them as a formidable challenge, and flee. But we, like animals have instinct, and given the primal urge to survive, protect territory, must observe, get to know our prey’s habits, noting that the ears flapping is not a strength but weakness, revealed. The baby elephant doesn’t flap it’s ears because it is large, it flaps because it is afraid it is small. The smell of fear in the air, in the nose of a true warrior, means there is no challenge, except F.E.A.R., (false evidence appearing real). So when your friends, loved ones, important others are flapping, know in the primal, emotional, physical and metaphysical world, you have encountered one who is vulnerable, one who is afraid and because you are a metaphysical warrior, proceed with…

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The Virus of Belief

You know it as the virus, digging into the cell wall of your being with spikes. And just like those that appear on the corona, the virus of belief also pokes holes in our interior wall of being and initiates control. The intention to invade the cell, and replicate, ensures a hostile takeover of belief. Invading the cell that is you, with a mind thought, that triggers a download of feeling, that urges behavior, supported by a system of beliefs, the virus of the mind takes over. It takes over the entire organism that is you, your life, your hopes, your dreams, your entire life experience, by invading, initiating control, and replicating. As it does so, normal cell function breaks down. Busy attending to the damage incurred, your system becomes hostile. Each cell fends off potential threat by issuing reactivity to shame, guilt, and self-loathing in you and in others. Just like a real virus, the virus of the mind is in the air we breathe. Expressed in an exhalation of thought, the inflection of a news article, a media meme, or an angry confrontation, the virus of belief is extreme and contagious. The greater the viral load the greater the infection, making it impossible to examine.  For as the virus of the mind invades, the desire for the belief to be true overwhelms. Yet as we are overwhelmed, we must examine our beliefs. We must examine the power they have over our lives, because beliefs can be irrelevant. Beliefs can be untrue. And most importantly, some beliefs can put you in harms way.

So, now, when the virus is infecting those most powerful, look for its markers. Watch for the waning vibrancy of your dreams, and the despotic urgency of blame shifting, smoke-screening, shaming, gas lighting and the use of ad hominem attacks. Now when you use, or experience blame shifting, smoke-screening, shaming, gas lighting, or ad hominem attacks, know you are in the presence of the virus of the mind. Know that these are the invasive tools of the virus of belief, evident in the most powerful and the less privileged, too. These are the tools the virus of belief uses to cause the system to attack itself and others. Beginning with just one belief unexamined, one blame shift, smoke screen, shaming, gas lighting, or ad hominem attack issued, just one corona spike of unexamined belief can dig in, invade, initiate control, and replicate until your system begins to attack itself and you surrender.  That is when you know you need vital support. That is when you know you need tools for life. Don’t succumb to the virus of the mind. Don’t let the virus of belief blind you to the truth, or put you in harm’s way. Remember the desire for the belief to be true, obscures imperfection.  So be vigilant. Be kind. Examine your beliefs. Be courageous. Be honest. Most of all, be loving to yourself and others. The life you save may be your own.

The Lens of Disbelief


photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopincc

If a belief is to be resilient, it will need adaptability, which develops through the lens of disbelief.  The potential ‘Ah Ha’ moment.  A working system, (one that works for you), must have the ability to disprove, approve and improve itself, which happens in the disbelieving of itself.  By disbelieving (standing in the unknown, between this belief and no belief) the old belief is examined, disproved, improved (becoming new belief), approved and given birth, that your running systems, (beliefs: be lives), are not running you, but you are running them.  A working (something that works for you) belief system, (be life system) must include the willingness to disbelieve, be the ‘Ah Ha’ moment, the willingness to change, be relevant, do whatever it takes to survive.  That your belief may be that much deeper, you must risk no belief, thereby gaining renewed belief…

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are back on Zoom

Especially now we need a place where we can be courageously honest and loving with ourselves and each other.  That is why we are continuing to offer you a non-judgmental environment and unconditional positive regard that we might heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies during this challenging time.

Starting Tuesday May 12th
5:30pm Meditation

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6-8pm Life Class
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 In honor of all the challenges we face, classes are donation only. The greatest donation you make is you.
Sending you heart, healing, and courage.

Adrienne Alexander is a Transformational Teacher with a Masters in Psychology, who uses the best of psychological and spiritual principles.  Co-Founder of The More Love Club, she has developed The 6 Fundamental Components of Human Behavior and The Tools For Life. Her hybrid methodology uses traditional and non-traditional modalities, inspiring transformative life experience.

For privates, classes, meditation, sound healing, life and acting training, email, or call 818-989-2220  Clients are reminded of the 24hour cancellation policy.  For more info, to buy the book The More Love Club, t-shirts etc and sign up for the blog go to Live on Voyage LA!

At the end of every meeting we read these closing words:

At the More Love Club Transformation Tuesdays we are dedicated to seeing the miraculous in our everyday lives.  Living beyond the culturally accepted pain that we call existence.  We invite you to come find the love, the energy that creates the magic, which is your life, waiting like an ember.  Here we fan it into flame and urge you to let it take hold of your heart, your dreams and all that you’ve ever wanted to create or be.  Discover the charm that leads you to the next right thing and the next right thing, the love that supports and surrounds you as you move through  your life’s events.  See, live, breath the miraculous.  Be a warrior of love and miracle.  Learn the principles of the practice of going beyond the fear of, the lie of the mind.  Join us as we discover the truths and myths of our existence.

Thank you all for participating and sharing your hearts tonight.  Class fee is a suggested donation of $20.  Please remember that a donation can be monetary, it can be your commitment to this community, and it can be the gift of your presence.  Please consider giving away what you have received here, by being of service, recommending Adrienne and Russ and the More Love Club to others on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and in person holding space for other in your daily lives.

Namaste.  In Love and Respect, Co-founders Adrienne Alexander and Russel Foreman

Who You Really Are


photo credit: CtWwYL via photopin (license)You see the abyss.  How this life means everything and nothing and both at the same time.  We have, in spirit, chosen to be here.  We have a gift to share, if only we can move past the distraction, the destruction of mind to give it.  Giving the gift of self, to other, including the self, is divine.  In the giving of it, you see yourself back as the bearer of it.  This is who you really are.  This is your life.  Despite what mind tells you.  We see you.  We need the gift you come bearing.  The universe, because we have joined hands and hearts, conspires with us to manifest that which is inside of you and deliver it to us.  Our spirits are hungry for it.  Hungry for you.

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Embrace that which is wanting to save your life.

We are wanting to mitigate fear. In this time, there is much fear and we are wanting to suppress it, defy it, and/or ignore it. Some of us are defiant, angry, and filled with outrage. Others of us have stuck our heads deep into the sand. To appear invulnerable to ourselves and others, we distract, indulge, and/or argue to disallow and deflect our fear. Yet, if we are denying the fear, we cannot investigate it. If we are suppressing the fear, ignoring it, or needing to subdue it like an enemy, we cannot see its value. Although uncomfortable, fear is data. Fear is data that compels our human behavior. If we examine to see if it is derived from the cultural False Evidence Appearing Real F.E.A.R., or the primal imperative of Fuck Everything And Run F.E.A.R. we will have knowledge of how to proceed. The practice is to know the fear, understand the fear, become familiar with the fear and clarify the source of the fear. If our lives are in danger due to a perceivable, knowable threat, or a less tangible threat, if we are to act appropriately, we must make a risk assessment. To do this one must de-stress the physical and emotional body, including the mind, to release the markers of fear from the physical, emotional, and mental body that we might become clear. When we accept the fear it becomes manageable through meditation, tapping, exercise, and other practical methods. Regular practice of de-exciting the system, allows truthful examination. Is this fear relevant? Is this fear true? What is the source of this fear? Remember, fear is not the enemy. Fear is within us to keep us safe. It is our system’s warning that something is wrong. There are times that it can be imperative to fright, or fight, or take flight. There are times that it can be imperative to mitigate the fear, that we might perceive the evidence, and evaluate the warning before we fright, fight, or take flight. So, beware of the rush to judgment. Because we are wanting to suppress the fear, beware of the desire for the evidence to infer that there is no need to fear. Beware too, of judgmental anger in yourself and others, as it is one of the most beloved tools we cultural animals use to cover our fear. Beware of defiance, ignorance, distraction, indulgence, and overall deflection. Watch for the need to deny the fear. And when you see it, instead of pushing it from you, embrace that which is wanting to save your life. Say, ‘This fear is my fear. It is trying to tell me something. Let me manage this feeling, that I might respond with awareness.’ Then, bless your emotional and mental body in loving commitment to pause, and rest, and take good care of yourself. Treat for the fear using safe, loving, and respectful, practices. In this way, you will assuage your thinking, your feelings, and your physical body, to release tension and fear that you might explore the truth and take right and effective action. In this time of tremendous upheaval and change, be kind, be patient, be loving toward others, and especially yourself. Take good care. Feel the fear and breathe. Breathe.