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Me, too.

To each of you that posted ‘ME, TOO,’ I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am an incest survivor and speaking out cost me dearly. Just a decade ago, this culture silenced and punished me. I lost friends and family dear to me. I lived in fear of being judged and lost precious aspects of life due to my childhood secret. I am relieved that the narrative is changing. I am happy that so many are speaking and being heard. In my eyes, you are warriors, courageous and strong in a time of great challenge. Thank you for breaking your silence. Thank you for doing what few have the strength to do. I know how hard it can be. I know how hard it can be to speak the truth. I know how hard it can be to heal the wounds. Even after speaking out, I remained a victim. Even after years of therapy and group sessions, I was unable to claim my victory. There was a full and wonderful life waiting for me, and I needed to figure out how to have it. So, I wrote it out. I described my journey from victim to victory in a book called, The More Love Club. If you’ve spoken up and you are still feeling hurt, hopeless, stuck, fed up, angry, confused or alone, please read my book. Please, read my book knowing that I want to reach out and let you know that I understand and that you are not alone. I hear you. I believe you. I know you. You are a magnificent, brave, powerful and perfect being. United We Stand. Thank you again. Me, too.


Just watch…

What if feelings aren’t truth, or reality, but a chemical reaction, downloading, pixels on a screen creating an image, like a movie? What if my discomfort isn’t about you, but about me, my history, the last time I got hurt, my body remembers? What if being present means being present to what triggers my past, feeling those feelings and letting the trigger walk by? If this is the movie of my life, what if I sit still and watch?

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful You


Mark it.  Log it.   This day, the brilliance, how it shines and reflects you back, your hair, your eyes, teeth and sweet, sweet joy.  One moment, a glimpse in the mirror, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful you.  And suddenly the radiance, your spirit, gifting those around you.  Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Me.  Thank you for being in this world.  Thank you for the bounty of you, for imagining (I Magi, bringing the gift of self to self).  And in bringing it to self, bringing it to me.  Thank you.

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You’ll need a Bucket


photo credit: CraigLindner via photopin cc photo credit: CraigLindner via photopincc

If you are looking for the windfall, you’ll need two hands, a large bucket, plus the agility to catch the entirety of it when it comes.  Remember the invisible container for all good things, is within.  It’s the space you are holding for yourself, called ‘Deservedness’ and it’s immense.  So practice the catch, build the muscular structure and hold the space, hold it and keep holding.  Make sure there’s room for all the ‘Deservedness’ you Deserve.  And don’t forget the bucket, you’ll need a big, big, big one for the bounty that awaits.  Come on.  You deserve it.

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Who are you?


photo credit: Pequena Suricata via photopin cc photo credit: Pequena Suricata via photopincc

If you knew who you were, you would know that the universe wants to grant your wishes, because if you knew who you were, you would know that the universe put you here expressly for that purpose. The universe created you, you’re the one, you and your desire is all there is, all there needs to be. Do you know who you are? Make a wish.

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Reference to the Universe


photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis via photopin cc photo credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis via photopincc

Where you situate yourself, somewhere between the eyes, middle of the head, that place where you identify yourself as you, from ear to ear, top of the head to the ground, two lines that cross and at that point, the charted topography, the map of you, the intersection of your being, see those lines, side to side, top to bottom, the dot where they connect like bungee cords, moveable. From that set point, the placement where you believe, (be live) yourself to be you, move. Drop the center of you, below the nose, chin, neck, letting the lines follow, the bungees holding reference to the universe moving with you, as the point, the dot that is the cartographic representation of you, the center of you continues to descend until it reaches the heart. The set point that you recognize (re-cognize) as you, now…

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