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1.You are entitled to be happy with everything that you have.
2.You have the right to approve of yourself.
3.You have the right to admire yourself and your choices.
5.You have the right to find everything that is right with you.
6.You have the right to celebrate your life.
Joy is your birthright.


This is your mind. It’s always there. Always tempting. Issuing mind thought. Begging. Making you yearn. If you choose to, play. Mind thought will trigger a download of chemistry, creating the motion of e-motion and you can take the ride or not. It’s just a game. It’s your choice. Or is it?

unknownThey all forget. We tell them not to and they promise, of course. But they forget. So we have come to remind them. You are light workers. You are in these physical bodies to shed light. Do not be fooled by the present ideologies of man. Do not be distracted by their anger, arguments, or their passionate denial. Shed light. Be light. Show the way. Let your light shine into the darkness that all may walk within and toward the source of all light and love.


photo credit: Myrialejean Germinate via photopin (license)

photo credit: Myrialejean Germinate via photopin (license)

Ordinary miracles, dew on the grass, sun, tide, wheat stalks swaying, frogs near a stream, a thicket filled with fireflies, coyotes howling at the moon, a fat crow eyeing me from the telephone wire, small seedlings, nesting in a cup, everything it needs inside the hull. Your seed is already planted, inside, evident in the everyday miracle of you.