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Distract the Distraction

Much of what mind issues, due to its primal nature, is fear-based.  This can be evidenced by persistent, negative mind thoughts, that have nothing to do with present circumstance.  You might hear things like, ‘Whatever it is, don’t.  Its never going to work out.  This is silly.  You should stay home.  Wow, you really screwed up this one.  You and your schemes are ridiculous.  You’ve humiliated yourself again.’

Instead of entertaining the musing of your primal-based, reptilian brain, why not do something else?  Call a friend.  Blow bubbles.  Count gerbils.  Step away from the mind thought.  Your mind thought is distracting, detracting from an otherwise perfectly wonderful life experience.  Practice selective hearing.  Don’t let mind get in the way of your true purpose.  Your life, your worthiness, that’s the point of focus.  Mind is the distraction.  If you want your life, distract the distraction.


Mirror Game



What if today, you played the mirror game?  What if you could see that what they spoke was always, all ways, a reflection of them?  What if every time they pointed at you, they were actually pointing at themselves?  What if everything they said revealed or concealed (and because they are concealing, revealing everything) something about them?  What if you realized, (real eyesed) that it was never, ever about you?  That it’s always about them?  What if you could see that?  What would you see?

There is no death. No dying. The body suit, yes, has its expiration date. But that which we are, being-ness, totally granted, is arrival, now, destination, beyond. We see so little. There are veils, enchantments, glams, keeping us in a continuum we call time and space. Past that, past the known, is life, our life, essence, whole-ness existing in and after life, death of self, total, total creationism, manifestation. Seeing. Deep, deep knowing. Consciousness of all of it. The vibration of that, that alignment with source is beginning, essence, pre-conception of you, of love.

Getting Ready for the Holidays!

Thanksgiving, giving thanks, for thanks, for grateful, for listing, for creating the switch plate on the train of thought that might allow the track to change and run toward that which inspires, allows grace, reprieve and the space for us to give thanks. Being thankful for thankfulness is a space on the way to giving thanks and in the giving, receiving it.

As Big as the World

It has spoken to you, it has called you by name, you have heard it inside and yet you wait. It has written the words, offered itself, given it sound to let you hear and yet you halt. Hold on, hold back, stand still, or move the world. Hear it, remember, shout out loud and make me proud. You are all that there is, we are all that have come, we can change the rules and create with love. Dont blink, dont think, dont waste another drop. Drink full and long, sense every single thing, and expand your heart, as big as the world, as big as the world.

Bathe in the Knowingness

Nature doesn’t give its’ power away. And because you are nature, you are empowered. It’s you. You are the power, nature, holding the mirror to itself and reflecting you back. That powerful nature you see, is you, moving through cause, that which we call the life experience. Worship, adore, humble yourself in the awareness that you are the God Consciousness, the Unified Field, Totality within, and without. Nature’s power, which is natural to you, as it is in all of nature, is nature’s divine gift in and to you. You are therefore, immutable, limitless, the essence of extreme beauty and vibrant life. Your being is the purpose, the outcome, and the glory of existence in this physical plane. Love yourself, bathe in the knowingness, the being-ness of you. You are nature. You are power. You are love.

Everything Is Not As It Seems


photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopincc

When you realize (see with real eyes) that what is going on here is not what is going on here. There is more. So much more. Close your eyes. Lift off. Above your body. Above the room, beyond the buildings, streets and moon. In the heavens its happening. Feel it? The change, new awareness, not new, but revealed; yourself as you, before you forgot to remember. Remember now. Know yourself back as molecule, being, soul, atmosphere, sensation, vibration, planet, cosmos, light worker. Let the energy wash over you, open your eyes and receive the new world.

photo credit: <a href=””>h.koppdelaney</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

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