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All of it


photo credit: Feans via photopin cc

The space between morning and night, where the clouds part into horizon, pink, peach, golden light, straight through to the unknown, between life and death, where light and dark, night and day, beginning and end are the same, creation, maintenance, destruction, all one, all creation. You lift the veil, see inside, spread your wings, around this physical plane, knowing yourself back, as all of it, the universe, totality, love, all of it.


Perhaps no one told you…

You, your radio, your running system, has a tuner.  The human body, like a radio, can actually be tuned to pick up frequencies and air specific content.  Depending on the range of the tuner and scope of the receiver, the dial can be aligned with content on a variety of frequencies.  You are the instrument and you are the receiver.  What frequencies would you like to receive?  The dial is yours.  What content would you like to air?  What life experience are you tuning into?

Beyond the Fear

photo credit: Red Heart via photopin (license)

You venture forth, expectant, waiting, yearning and there it is, the wall. Damn thing looks impenetrable. Probably is. Mind whirrs, making it impossible, all things. Shut the front door, shut all the doors save the one, long hallway of longing and knowing that this life is dream, able to sustain itself on pure emotion, the thrill of a kiss, the warmth of his memory and mine, savoring that, enticing beyond all consequence but the jump, high over and arcing beyond impossible to I’m possible, because on the other side is your life, your heart, beyond the fear is everything.

Everything You Dream for Yourself

Imagine what your life would be like if you were not preoccupied by the recycling of events that frustrate and upset you? Imagine what you could accomplish if you were not sidetracked by feeling thwarted, unworthy, unheard or unseen? Imagine what your life would be if you could concentrate on the things that bring you happiness? If mind were perpetuating distraction, but you were not reacting to it, you could focus. You could cast your flame of attention and illuminate what you choose. Everything you want is waiting beyond the fear of, the lie of the mind. Everything you dream for yourself is over there.

Me, too.

To each of you that posted ‘ME, TOO,’ I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am an incest survivor and speaking out cost me dearly. Just a decade ago, this culture silenced and punished me. I lost friends and family dear to me. I lived in fear of being judged and lost precious aspects of life due to my childhood secret. I am relieved that the narrative is changing. I am happy that so many are speaking and being heard. In my eyes, you are warriors, courageous and strong in a time of great challenge. Thank you for breaking your silence. Thank you for doing what few have the strength to do. I know how hard it can be. I know how hard it can be to speak the truth. I know how hard it can be to heal the wounds. Even after speaking out, I remained a victim. Even after years of therapy and group sessions, I was unable to claim my victory. There was a full and wonderful life waiting for me, and I needed to figure out how to have it. So, I wrote it out. I described my journey from victim to victory in a book called, The More Love Club. If you’ve spoken up and you are still feeling hurt, hopeless, stuck, fed up, angry, confused or alone, please read my book. Please, read my book knowing that I want to reach out and let you know that I understand and that you are not alone. I hear you. I believe you. I know you. You are a magnificent, brave, powerful and perfect being. United We Stand. Thank you again. Me, too.