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God, or the concept of a perfect being, wisdom, creator, divine ruler of the universe, icon, idol, diety, sovereign authority, all powerful, all knowing, supreme one, which governs our reality, is the desire to make meaning of our existence here on this plane of action.  God is the desire to make meaning.  What meaning have you made?  What God are you?


Love is as Love sees.

When you know that what you see, you believe, you will be live it.  You will be living, believing in what you see.  Beauty is as beauty sees.  If you want to be living in beauty, when you believe, be live that you see beauty, you will be living in beauty.  Love is as love sees.  If you want to be living in love, when you believe, be live that you see love, you will be living in love.  Do you believe?  Can you be live in beauty and love?  When?

If We Are To Win This World

If they were sleeping next to you, if you needed to wake them, would you touch their arm, stroke their hair, whisper to them softly?  Would you smile and wait for them to stir?  Would you let them know that they are safe?  If they were sleeping next to you, in this country, would you keep the watch?  Would you keep them safe?  And though they slept, would you love them regardless?  Would you love them as only the fully awake can love?  Because they have fallen.  And it is time.  It is time to rise.  It is time to touch their arm, to stroke their hair, to whisper and make them stir.  It is time to rise together, to keep the watch, keep us all safe, and be fully awake as one people.  If we are to win this world, it is time to rise in hope, wisdom, truth, fearlessness, dignity, respect, compassion, and most importantly love.

The Perfect Imperfection

The mind cannot see the soul, being, spirit, essence, intuition, feel the cravings of unlimited expansion, transcendence of idea, ontological presence, visceral download of magic, the magic which is you, your life, your vibration, consciousness, growth, longing, mystical, psychic you. Useful little thing, but narcissistic, claiming to run the world. Mind doesn’t. It makes lists, learns facts, remembers phone numbers, how to log on, reminds (re-mind, creating suffering again and again) you of past fear, PAST fear. But the heart, source, core, universe, creation, elemental, experiential root of our existence, passion giving rise to greater life, is love, the belief (be live) in self, the ‘I am enough’ greatness, the perfect imperfection of ourselves on this physical plane of action. Love.

You are the Miracle

I am grateful for each of you following my blog, dipping into The Practice of More Love daily going beyond the fear of, the lie of the mind, realizing, (real eyesing) the love that is all around you, following the charm that leads you to the next right thing and the next right thing.  I will be on hiatus from Dec 26th-Jan 26th.  Please visit my blog and browse the hundreds of entries while I am away.  Keep the ember glowing, fan your souls into flame, knowing that I hold each of you, the connection we are experiencing, in my heart, thankful for the energy you bring, the commitment you send out as you read, instilling me with greater desire and passion.  Have a wondrous holiday season filled with joy and the knowing that you are the miracle of this time.  Thank you for your magnificent presence in my life.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

What if this holiday season, you opened your eyes in the morning, and began to name something you liked?  What if you thanked yourself for naming something you liked?  What if you named something you liked all day?  And what if you thanked yourself all day?  How would that feel?  What if you practicing, as a point of focus, naming something you liked, was your life?  What if you filled yourself, your spirit, your soul with something you liked throughout the season?  What if your holiday destination, was a point of focus and not an outcome?  What if you feasted your eyes on something you like, until it became your real life, one that allowed you to appreciate all that you are and all that you have?  What if you knew you were enough?