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How You Win

photo credit: swanksalot via photopin ccThis is it. Your life. Everything depends on it. Everything. The way you play, play by the rules. Or not. The choices you make, don’t make, make again. You can pass go, get out of jail free, anything you want, but you play this game as if your life depends on it. It does. It depends on how you play. Because if you are wanting to get the most out of it, you’ll be needing to put the most into it. So play, play with every fibre of your being, with indelible grace and unparalleled intention, deep passion, humor, and as many mistakes as possible. And love. Especially love. That’s how you win, you see. Love.


United We Stand


As an American I am saddened by all that is taking place in our nation. As a person I am saddened by the anger, blame and judgment being issued daily. I know that we are facing upheaval. I know too, that this compels us to change. Yet during this time of upheaval and change, it takes an awake nation to avoid the pitfalls of anger and blame. Divide and conquer are the tactics used by a regime hoping to divide and conquer us! We as a People United stand stronger. During this necessary chaos I pray there may be dramatic awakening and the seeking of solution, together. Let our integrity as Americans be exemplified no matter our party or position on particular issues. May we fight fiercely for each other to align as a nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Rule Well

photo credit: Historyworks Photography via photopin cc

photo credit: Historyworks Photography via photopin cc

You must understand, you are spiritual royalty. Velvet cape, crown, glistening jewels at the neck and a scepter in hand. Royalty. Every last one of you. Imbued with intention and filled with heart. And with that comes responsibility. The ability to respond, deeply to other. Love this world. Be brave. And above all, be kind. Dear hearts, rule well.

Hold Space For Yourself

photo credit: 05.14.08 via photopin (license)It is important to hold space for yourself, truly hold space for yourself. To look at your hands and say, “I really love these hands.”  To look at yourself in the mirror and without flinching, see yourself and tell yourself, “I love this face, I love this body, I love this me.”  You must let this resonate throughout every cell of you.  It is imperative that you know you are worthy and admirable.  Carry it with you into every aspect of your life.  Because when you see yourself as the most valuable asset on this planet you have seen the truth.  This is not egotism, it is selflessness.  Holding space for yourself, granting yourself being-ness, you affect deep change.  Practicing unconditional positive regard, for the self and others, grows more of that.  It is the kind of love, so powerful, so righteous, it will change the world.

Who You Really Are

photo credit: CtWwYL via photopin (license)You see the abyss.  How this life means everything and nothing and both at the same time.  We have, in spirit, chosen to be here.  We have a gift to share, if only we can move past the distraction, the destruction of mind to give it.  Giving the gift of self, to other, including the self, is divine.  In the giving of it, you see yourself back as the bearer of it.  This is who you really are.  This is your life.  Despite what mind tells you.  We see you.  We need the gift you come bearing.  The universe, because we have joined hands and hearts, conspires with us to manifest that which is inside of you and deliver it to us.  Our spirits are hungry for it.  Hungry for you.

All of it


photo credit: Feans via photopin cc

The space between morning and night, where the clouds part into horizon, pink, peach, golden light, straight through to the unknown, between life and death, where light and dark, night and day, beginning and end are the same, creation, maintenance, destruction, all one, all creation. You lift the veil, see inside, spread your wings, around this physical plane, knowing yourself back, as all of it, the universe, totality, love, all of it.