Love Comes From An Infinite Well

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‘Each of us has the power to enact a program of love that is relevant and true. Each of us has the power to create love in our lives that renders an overall positive result. We have this power because love is within each of us. Relevant and true love comprises our cellular structure. Our very lives begin with the attraction and attachment of two cells. The original attraction and attachment merges and proliferates to become the 30 trillion cells that make up the human body. It might be said therefore, that attraction, attachment, or love, is responsible for our lives. That each of us possesses 30 trillion witness of love, endorses love as a most precious resource. With 7+ billion on this planet and growing, times 30 trillion cells, it might also be said that the love is infinite. As we merge and proliferate, it would seem that love comes from an infinite well.’ ~Excerpt from the upcoming book Mind Matters by Adrienne Alexander




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What if you could afford to have your life?  What if money was the cheapest thing you ever spent?  What if you were the most important investment you ever made?  What if instead of making money, you manifested it?  What if?

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I’m telling you to jump, because in the jumping, the commitment to jump, you have already leapt, becoming for that moment, free of gravity, and as you lift off, without knowing, casting your body, your spirit into air, wind, you have released past, resisted future and landed squarely in the ever changing, challenging, refreshing, terrifying nowhere, (now here).  And when you realize, (real eyes) that in the commitment to jump is the outcome, you will run to the edge of all fear, jumping off again and again, not to your death, but life.

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Welcome Home


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Get ready. It’s coming. Can you feel it? We’re dropping pain, guilt, shame, the Who-Am-I that thinks its history matters. (It’s matter all right!) We’re telling a new, vibrant, I-Am-That, becoming energized, stunningly revealed, pure being, reborn story. Like that matters. Because it does. All that muscular structure built from struggle increases the velocity of the free fall. Sliding into ecstasy, the thrill of the ride, the rush of wind and joy of losing mind and standing firmly in heart. Welcome Spring. Welcome home.

Bigger Box


unnamedInside this box, there is writing on the side. My programs running, triggers downloading feelings, based on concepts, ideas, previous similars, appearing r-e-a-l, becoming r-e-e-l, as I peer over the edge. The next box, is bigger. There’s more room. I could stretch my mind, my arms, have a larger experience. I could have a life. Do I dare? Will someone judge me, stop loving me, abandon me, yell, threaten, curse, cut my arms off, legs, feet, head, if I jump? Yes. Most certainly. The stakes are high. The obstacle is terrifying. But the outcome is divine, sweet victory. Bigger Box!

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Can You Stand?


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What would happen if you held space in your heart, in your life, in your spirit, soul, for the intelligence, the natural intelligence that is the knowing, deep in being, which is connected to source, to love?  Because culture, (cult you are) will rail against you, threaten, shame and speak from lower energy to shut you down.  And when they do, can you stand, arms out, continuing to hold space?  And if you could, even for one moment, energetically bare witness, what would happen?  What if you held space for life, heart, going beyond the mind, the paradigm, construct, present meme, to risk self fully, be of service, establishing fierce presence and unflagging commitment to dream?  What if you lived like that?

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God, or the concept of a perfect being, wisdom, creator, divine ruler of the universe, icon, idol, diety, sovereign authority, all powerful, all knowing, supreme one, which governs our reality, is the desire to make meaning of our existence here on this plane of action.  God is the desire to make meaning.  What meaning have you made?  What God are you?