Just Breathe


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Between the inhale and the exhale, there is a stillness, ineffable, immutable, evanescent, fleeting yet seeable, identifiable, the millisecond during the absence of breath, at that very moment, there is no life, death, no thing, only being and not being, before the inhale and then the rebirth.  Aware, knowing with the exhale we are suspended, nowhere, it is then, only in accepting the inevitable death delivered with each exhale, and the renewal, coming back into life with each breath, that being nowhere, we truly exist, now here.

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Its time everyone.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosengrant/4600671702/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosengrant/4600671702/

I am here to speak the unspeakable.  I am here to speak that which cannot be spoken.  I am speaking the unspeakable in the hopes that you might speak it too.  Because if I speak that which cannot be spoken and you speak it in here, it might be spoken out there.  And if it is spoken out there, others might speak too.  Find their voice and speak their truth and live.  To speak the unspeakable changes me, changes you and because of that, changes the world.

I am speaking that which cannot be spoken knowing, knowing, because in the past they came, knowing that when I speak they will come, they will bring their words, veiled threats and punishing anger.  And knowing if I speak they will kill me.  But knowing too, and this is a deeper knowing, that if I don’t speak, I die.

So here…

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The Secret in the Storm


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It takes just one stormy mind thought//belief/trigger to download negative chemistry into the cellular structure of your body. One negative mind thought/belief/trigger downloads the negative neuropeptides of a tempest within that, repeated, can become a neurochemical cyclone.  Your emotional, spiritual and physical body reels against a wall of feeling state that is deadly and deep.  At this point navigating an emotional storm may seem futile at best.  Yet the secret to navigating the storm is knowing who is at the helm.  The cells of your body are your troops.  The troops receiving the chemical download, are driven by your mind thought, your beliefs and your triggers.  The cells in your body are responding to you.  You are at the helm.  Your neurochemistry is yours to command.  You get to point your ship in the direction you choose.  What ever you say goes. You are…

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As Big as the World

It has spoken to you, it has called you by name, you have heard it inside and yet you wait. It has written the words, offered itself, given it sound to let you hear and yet you halt. Hold on, hold back, stand still, or move the world. Hear it, remember, shout out loud and make me proud. You are all that there is, we are all that have come, we can change the rules and create with love. Dont blink, dont think, dont waste another drop. Drink full and long, sense every single thing, and expand your heart, as big as the world, as big as the world.

Your Power


Your power is not money or prestige, your power is not pride in self, others or community, it is not rules & laws, or even the whales you’ve saved or the number of friends and family you have. Your Power is your Heart. The currency of that commodity, the way you Love, the amount of times you’ve Loved without need to receive anything in return, that’s true power. Love is the Ultimate Power and it is always, all ways within. When given freely it is the definitive Creator and Healer. Your power is You and the Deep, Deep Commitment to Love and Love and Love again.

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Hell, Lets Add an Enchanted Pool


Mandi J. Smith Photography Mandi J. Smith Photography

When the fear downloads like its yours, the room thick with staccato voices popping, anxious, biting, violent, the stomach roils, the acid pitches against the back of your throat and you’re sick. Breath, realize, (real eyes), its theirs, subtext, notions about approval, validation, anger, resentment, money, the great hall of civic terror, all that lack.  Not yours.  Ask yourself, ‘Who creates this agenda? Who says its so damn sad, scary, unachievable and wretched?’  It’s probably time for a little editing. Time to rewrite the whole damn script, blow some things up, do a little demo, make room, space for bliss, kharma, the good kind, and maybe flowers, a vase for starters, a windblown chime, birds swooping. Hell, lets add an enchanted pool.  Overwhelm us with delight until we blink with the fullness of it.   Now you can call it Dept of Building and Safety, Safety…

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You Are Love


http://www.flickr.com/photos/cronai/124120104/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/cronai/124120104/

No need to seek it, receive or find it. You are it. The height, width, breadth of feeling, spirit, soul and being of. Love is you. The universe, god, icon, cosmos, vibration, delight, honor, integrity of. You. Point to love, point to self. Expand, as you breath, the knowing that love grows with every inhale, exhale, permeating the fiber, cells, air, energy, environment of your life, which is you. You are love.

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