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How You Win

photo credit: swanksalot via photopin ccThis is it. Your life. Everything depends on it. Everything. The way you play, play by the rules. Or not. The choices you make, don’t make, make again. You can pass go, get out of jail free, anything you want, but you play this game as if your life depends on it. It does. It depends on how you play. Because if you are wanting to get the most out of it, you’ll be needing to put the most into it. So play, play with every fibre of your being, with indelible grace and unparalleled intention, deep passion, humor, and as many mistakes as possible. And love. Especially love. That’s how you win, you see. Love.

McCrap on the Dashboard

When you come to your senses, put down your defenses, habits, cover: I-won’t-show-you-mine-if-you-won’t-show-me-yours, ‘Everything is F.I.N.E.,’ (fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional), like traveling in a car, stopping at the drive-through, throwing leftovers in the back, you keep moving, trash piling up, rotting, just over your shoulder.  And forgetting it’s there, get used to the smell, the festering of mind, farting from the back seat, but the moment you slow down, put on the brakes, everything comes flying forward, French fries, fish sticks, uneaten hamburger and half-downed cokes, McCrap on the dash board, in the windshield, wreckage of your past, so thick you’re blind. Kharma, like mud, obscuring your view.  You have to clean up, if you’re going to proceed, get your life, have your day in the freaking sun.  You’ve got to unload, get a grip, a view of the road, without all this drama, garbage, making the way unclear, it’s clearly in the way.  And because it’s in the way, it is the way.  The giving up, the surrender to, the letting in letting go, releasing, a panorama where there were once blinders, hell, no view at all.  Pick it up, every smelly bit, examine it and highlight for deletion.  An Everything-Must-Go-Sale at the Dumpster.  When the view is wider, the screen clear of mind, wipers keeping it open, each stroke of the blade, becoming, ‘Name something you like, Thank you more please, Name something you like, Thank you more please, Name something you like, Thank you more please, Name Something … you like … more please … you like … more please … you like … more please … you like … more please … you like … more please … you like.’


I am here to speak the unspeakable.  I am here to speak that which cannot be spoken.  I am speaking the unspeakable in the hopes that you might speak it too.  Because if I speak that which cannot be spoken and you speak it in here, it might be spoken out there.  And if it is spoken out there, others might speak too.  Find their voice and speak their truth and live.  To speak the unspeakable changes me, changes you and because of that, changes the world.

I am speaking that which cannot be spoken knowing, knowing, because in the past they came, knowing that when I speak they will come, they will bring their words, veiled threats and punishing anger.  And knowing if I speak they will kill me.  But knowing too, and this is a deeper knowing, that if I don’t speak, I die.

So here on the precipice, I am perched, ready to jump and if I descend to my death, I have lived in the moment, the brief flight of my truth, my voice and yours, speaking that which cannot be spoken, becoming that which must be spoken, that which must be said.  In that voice, in that divine right to speak, it is born.  The sound, the word, the truth and because it is brought into existence, birthed, realized, (real eyes) has life, has voice, is spoken.

Speak the unspeakable.  Speak what cannot be spoken.  That I might speak it too.

You Don’t Need to Change.

You don’t need to change.  You need to change the way you see yourself.  That which you identify as defect is actually asset, waiting to be flipped over, revealing Hero-ness.  Codependence becomes Empath, Busy-ness becomes Efficiency, Judgment: Discernment, Gullible: Trust.  The character defect you see in your way, is the way.  You are the way.  You are Hero-ness.

From the Prison of Self


The jail cell of your mind literally puts you behind bars. The kind that lock you up, keep your life on hold. Picking the lock, sneaking past the guard, wont do. Sooner or later your ass is back with the other degenerates, lost souls and misaligned idiots, all drinking the poison of self doubt, judgment, criticism, self-hatred. This is it. No choice. The only way around is through. And because nothing is done to you, its all done for you, even doing time, back to the wall, sitting on a government issued cot, no toothbrush, water, you build the muscular structure, you have to if your going to survive, knowing that you are a divine, powerful, exemplary being, able to stand, withstand anything. You are that strong, that courageous, as long as you believe, be live, in self. Love is the only door from the prison of the self.