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Love is the Only Door

Your body is channel, for energy, to move through, do what energy does. Ego, Who Am I, opinions, judgment, hold vibration, change it, block it, lock it, push, shove, increase uncomfortability, til pop, there’s fire, ignition, perpetrated motion, pain, burn. Living in this cancer culture, this cancer nation, where people are contracting, attracting, like self hatred, or unrealized desire, that grows and because it is stifled, signals, outloud, through the body, this loathing, this denial of self, this belittling, defamation must end, or it will. Release. Feel the ‘letting’, in letting go. Open your hands, open your arms. A prayer, a handful of tears sent to God (good orderly direction) a call to be of service, remember channel, bless this tumor, this reminder that love is the only door, the answer, and in bowing, head below the heart, knowing, knowing that kind of simple belief, faith, heals. The universe is waiting, filled with gifts and all manner of excellence. Unclench the fists, the mind and receive. Letting the energy go where it will, taking you on the adventure, your life, moving, undulating, like fierce grace.  Hearts open.  Free.


None of it Wasted



Use your life. All of it. None of it wasted, mistake, unimportant, useless. Every moment, possibility, presenting opportunity to conceive, receive, believe (be, live) you. Use it all.  The sad, ridiculous, forgettable, regrettable, embarrassing, laughable, hilarious, joyful, painful, enormous experience you call life.  You are that.  You are your life. Every thought, word, deed, promise, commitment, prayer, dream, creation, magnificence, integral, systemic, perfect, spirit-filled, impeccable moment, is you. You are life.  Don’t wait for it to use you, use it.  Drink it in.  Every drop.