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Invoke a Field of Bluegrass

Watering the weeds, (negative thought), causes them to grow.  Before you know it, all that attention, becomes a tremendous field, thick with tall, rough leafed, razor edged plants, a wall of angry weed.  The begonias, peonies, baby’s breath, gardenia, basil, watercress, lemongrass and anise is all but obliterated.  Some thrash, rent a rototiller, sweat, moan and fight, or lay down dark cloth, shrouding the now immense field of rotting thought in darkness, waiting for dank denial to take its course.  Lack of sunlight causes the weeds to fester and the smell overwhelms.  What if you invoke a field of bluegrass, see the sunflowers rising toward the light and turning over soil, believe, insist that the turnips, cornflowers, fuschia, chamomile thrive?  Patience, love and a firm hand is an honest day’s work.  What if you roam the earth, shields up, hearts open, pulling the weeds, before they root?  Grow your positive intention?  Tend your garden.


Why Not Change the Meaning?

English: Elgar's Birthplace, Broadheath No pom...

English: Elgar’s Birthplace, Broadheath No pomp – just circumstance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Storytelling/Meaning Making: Taking the elements of life’s story, the plot pieces and making meaning from them that grows you, takes you from victim of circumstance to empowered storyteller, able to expand and see yourself involved in events for the purpose of growing you. There is a warning that you don’t ask to grow patience for fear that you be delivered lots of frustrating circumstance. But if you see the frustrating circumstance as that which enables you to grow the muscular structure to have a better life due to your amazing patience, be a stronger person, or just plain enjoy yourself more, why not change the meaning so you are satisfied, happy, content, expanding, surfing the waves that life delivers knowing that its all done for you, not to you?