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The Extension of Nowhere

Standing on solid ground, the known, so-called reality, before you the abyss.  Hesitating, unsure.  F.E.A.R., (Fuck Everything And Run), behind you, in front of you the unseen, unknown, yet to be spoken.  This leap, madness or genius, the extension of nowhere, your legs, arcing through space and time, coming from somewhere, spanning through nowhere, you are now here.  Right now.  Here.  In the leap, the faith, you become tangible.  Real.  Realized.  Free falling in the gap, the span of nothing, the leap; causation.  Free.  Our lives, history, his/her story, our ordered chaos, death.  But in the nothing, no thing, the gap, the leap.  In that space, between here and now, the space of no thing and all thing existing, in that placement, or lack of placement, is possibility.  You have to leave the earth, (the small strip of land allotted to you at birth that you must till, until you die), you have to achieve lift off, become air born, jump, into what is not known, to know something new.  In that moment, in the not knowing, the trusting, that becomes opportunity.  Take the leap.  Fucking jump.


Understand the Game

When you know, really know that nothing is done to you, it’s all done for you, then you understand the game. Its all there to grow you, the distressing interview, idiots on the freeway, angry-in-laws, screaming children, dogs that bite, unkind neighbors, jealous husbands, sarcastic teens, friends who judge, the plague, endless winter, driving rain, bitter cold, relentless heat, suffocating fear, all of it in your best interest, petty tyrants pushing you to your most maximum self, providing lesson, tools, to live beyond the trigger of the mind, beyond the unhappy around you, seeing it all as potential, the opportunity for growth that life is. The possibility for over the moon, all the way down to your toes, every cell in your body, happy.  Regardless, regarding less the circumstance and believing more, be living more your life.  That’s the game.  Play.

Let It Run Wild

In order, (1,2,3) to release your ego, you have to have one.  Before you can let it go, share it, or release it entirely, you’ve got to own it first!  We talk about smashing the ego, giving it away and personally I want to play with it, let it run wild, let it get too big for it britches and smother it a little before I share it.  I’m going to stroke it, look at it from all angles, really get to know it first.  Develop, care for, admire, watch and know the ego, allow it to grow and become healthy, large, muscular and notable.  Then and only then, after you’ve lived with it, loved it, admired it and given it lots of attention, can you decide to relinquish it.  My advice to anyone who feels that they are in need of letting go their ego, which is a great endeavor, is to enjoy it first, grow it, feed it, watch what it does, where it goes, who it hates and who it loves and only when you know it deeply, from gratitude and fierce respect for its power, when you have the greatest admiration for yourself, your who am I, your ego, mind, then you can kiss its ass goodbye.