The Story of MLC, the Book



Adrienne Alexander is an Incest Survivor, who, over the years sought out and developed a number of Tools to break free from her Childhood Trauma. The Tools she found invaluable for her Ultimate Healing are presented in novel form in her first book, The More Love Club, and in greater depth in her upcoming self-help series Mind Matters: The Fundamentals and Life Matters: The Practice.

“Because of the need for full recovery and a deeply satisfying life experience I began to move beyond the cultural norm of descrying my Victimhood and in my case what others saw as the rightful claim for vengeance, into Forgiveness and Great Joy.   I had been molested from the time I was 3-months-old until I was in my 30s.  But beyond the meaning that most people would choose to make of my story, I felt there could be, must be, the possibility for acceptance and Total Healing. That is what began to truly Inspire and Interest me.”

In her desire not only to Triumph, but Inspire others to do the same, Ms. Alexander began writing and teaching.  Since 2008 she has been a Transformational Teacher.  Developing and using The 6 Fundamental Components of Human Behavior and the Tools for Life, she creates positive transformative experience in her students and clients.  More information on her book, The More Love Club, her life and acting classes, privates, special events, 2 blogs, book, upcoming books, t-shirts etc can be found on

Emma, a sober alcoholic, divorcee, estranged from her three children, lonely and desperate to transcend her abusive childhood and hook a man, attends a meditation meeting. The meditation works out. The man doesn’t. Through a series of coincidences, (coinciding events) Emma finds herself outside a house, she’d dreamt about, talking to a man named Jess, (the same name as her dear departed grandfather), wearing a sign that says, ‘More Love,’ which sets her on a serendipitous, magical and sometimes terrifying, metaphysical trajectory of possibility and the opportunity for love and new life.

The More Love Club, a first work by Adrienne Alexander, is a fictionalized memoir.


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