The Art of Going Beyond the Mind: The Practice of More Love

“I teach the ‘The Practice of More Love’ which is the Art of Going Beyond the Mind, beyond the fear that mind produces, beyond the lies issued by mind that keep us small, disconnected and afraid to Realize our Dreams. The mind, because it is often fear-based, and therefore a closed system, can disallow us from giving, and receiving Love. Love, in my humble opinion is the Most Important Energetic Resource we have on this planet.  It is the ultimate Creator and Healer. If we are to evolve and grow there must be Love, More Love, always, all ways. So in ‘The Practice of More Love’, I use a number of tools to initiate New Awareness, Greater Freedom, and the Ability to Achieve what formerly seemed impossible.”


The ‘Practice’ locates mind as mind, as issuing a Thought Form, stimulating a Trigger, which downloads a Chemical Reaction, a feeling, an emotion coursing through the system, which creates what we perceive, what we call ‘reality’. Mind is always, all ways informing the experience we call ‘real life’.   Mind issues Mind Thought, which is a Trigger. Sometimes a Trigger comes from a Belief System or something larger like a Running System but all Mind Thought Triggers a Download of Chemistry, which pours throughout the Cellular Makeup of your body, producing a reaction, (ie: feeling good, or feeling bad). To realize, (real eyes) that mind is issuing Mind Thought, that mind is separate from you, that it is in fact a device, a mind, which is simply issuing Mind Thought, (not empirical data, or truth, but mind thought), is the beginning of recognizing, re-cognizing that you have a choice. You, yes you, can Choose the Mind Thought, which serves. And only those that serve. You do not, do not, do not, ever again, need to accept a thought that is less than worthy of, or in any way able to produce chemistry that is harmful to you. Not Ever! Watch what mind is issuing, Decide if it is Worthy and if not, Toss it in the Garbage, Shut the Lid, and Step Away from the Trash. When you locate mind, locate Trigger, and actually see the Thought Form, your observing will begin to change the process, you will have the opportunity to Change the Thought Form, Change the Download and therefore Change the Experience you are experiencing as your Life. Just by observing mind, by becoming aware that mind is issuing Mind Thought, which Triggers more Mind Thought and more feeling, by practicing this tool, you are taking the First Steps Toward a New Life.

Adrienne Alexander teaches 3 classes a Week (for class descriptions and schedule go to She is also available for private sessions, (either in person or via phone, facetime, skype, etc) schedule her by calling 818-989-2220.  Or contact her:  (Clients are reminded of the 24hour cancellation policy.)



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